Enhance Your Lawn's Health

Our add on lawn treatments target specific issues to get your grass looking its best. Chinchbug control, aeration, overseeding, and more – we have the solutions to enrich your landscape.

Chinchbug Treatment

Our customized chinch bug treatment targets all life stages of this grass-damaging pest. We assess and strategically apply insecticides to provide season-long control and prevent further lawn damage. The treatment restores your turf’s health.


Core Aeration

By punching small holes into compacted soil, our core aeration treatment allows better water, air, and nutrient intake so grass roots can grow deeper. It relieves soil compaction which restricts root development and grass growth. The improved soil environment fuels a lush, healthy lawn.

Core Aeration with Premium KNK Overseed

Combine core aeration with our premium seed blend to fix bare and thinning spots for optimum results. The aeration enables better seed-to-soil contact for higher germination rates while our elite tall fescue blend grows thick grass with improved heat/drought tolerance.

Slit Seeding

Slit Seeding

Our slit seeding creates perfect rows for overseeds to establish with no grass disturbance. The mechanized blades cut neat furrows into your lawn allowing our premium grass seeds to flourish for a seamless turf overlay on bare areas.


Hydroseeding is the ultimate solution for sowing new grass with maximum efficiency. Our hydro-applied mulch/seed/fertilizer mixture speeds germination for quick lawn establishment. Perfect for large bare spots.

Soil & Root Stimulator

Our custom root stimulator feeds the soil microbiome and energizes grass plants’ natural growth processes for better heat/drought/disease resistance. The treatment strengthens turf grass for a lusher, resilient landscape.

White Grub Control

Protect your lawn from destructive white grub infestations with our effective grub control treatment. Our professional-grade solution targets and eliminates white grub larvae before they can cause extensive root damage and brown, patchy areas in your turf. Applied at the right time of year, our grub control service helps prevent these pests from devouring your lawn’s root system, keeping your grass healthy, lush, and grub-free.