Pest Control


Spot any of these common pests?

KNK Lawn Care uses a variety of human & pet friendly treatments to remove common lawn pests that can damage or destroy your lawn.


White Grubs

White grubs are common pests of lawns and turf grasses in Ontario. The white grubs are the larval stage of scarab beetles, which feed on the roots of grasses and other plants. This feeding results in the wilting and death of the grass in irregular shaped patches on the lawn. The wilted grass can be easily pulled free due to the destruction of the root system. Secondary damage may occur due to animals such as skunks, raccoons, and other small mammals digging up the lawn to feed on the grubs. The damage to lawns resulting from white grub infestations can be quite severe.


Chinch bugs have piercing mouth parts. They suck the sap from the crown and stems of turfgrass. The feeding usually results in localized dead patches. These dead areas are brown, irregular, sunken patches, which can coalesce into larger dead areas.


KNK Lawn Care uses people and pet friendly products Leatherjackets are the larvae of crane flies, or daddy-longlegs. The female fly lays up to 300 eggs in the lawn in late-summer. These hatch after a couple of weeks into grey-black, legless larvae that have a tough, leathery skin, hence the name ‘leatherjacket’. From autumn through to summer, the larvae feed on the plant roots causing wilting plants and yellow/brown patches on lawns. KNK Lawn Care’s white grub treatment will protect your lawn from leatherjackets.