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Our 5-Step Lawn
Care Program

The 5-step healthy turf programs offers a perfect combination of treatments to ensure your lawn is healthy and beautiful. Treatments for grubs and chinchbugs can be added to the 5-step program to create a complete lawn care program that defends against our areas most common LAWN PESTS.

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Steps Include

  1. Spring: 100% slow-release dry fertilizer
  2. Late Spring: Broadleaf weed control
  3. Summer: 100% slow-release dry fertilizer
  4. Late Summer: Broadleaf weed control
  5. Fall: 100% slow-release winterizing dry fertilizer

We also offer a 6-step Healthy Turf Weed, Feed, & Grub Program with White Grub Control.

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Lawn Care Program details

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The first step towards a healthy lawn is giving it the essential nutrients it needs. Proper fertilization will help your lawn fight off pests and weed infestations. KNK Lawn Care utilizes 100% slow released fertilizer which results in a steady stream of nutrients being delivered to your lawn throughout the growing season.
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Weed Control

KNK Lawn Care uses people and pet friendly products that are registered with Health Canada. Our weed treatment isn’t just safe, it is very effective! Now your lawn can be even greener with our broad leaf weed control treatments.
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White Grubs

Grubs live in the soil and feed off the roots of the grass. This root damage will kill areas of your lawn and cause grass to tear up easily. To add to this damage, birds and raccoons dig up the lawn to eat the grubs, leaving holes all over your lawn. KNK Lawn Care has grub treatments available to save your lawn from grub damage.
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Chinch Bug Treatment

This small insect causes damage to your lawn by sucking the juices out of the blade of grass. The damage can look like a yellow dry patch in your lawn but watering will not solve the problem. KNK Lawn Care can verify a chinch bug infestation in your lawn. Our chinch bug treatment is very effective at stopping the devastating damage caused by this pest. When combined with your program selection, this nutrient-based treatment will promote a healthier lawn that is less vulnerable to damage from chinchbugs and other surface feeding insects.

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