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Helping your lawn
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KNK Lawncare offers a variety of services to ensure your lawns are as healthy and full as they can be. From various types of seeding to aeration and pest prevention, we’re here to help!

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Slit Seeding

Have a patchy or thinning lawn? Consider our new Mechanical Slit Seeding- putting the seeds directly into the soil for faster, more effective germination. We recommend this service in the Spring or Fall. Thicken your grass, reduce the emergence of weeds and crabgrass to get an overall healthier, better looking lawn!


Need to replace your entire lawn? Whether it’s landscaping work, a new home build or whatever the reason, KNK now offers top quality Hydroseeding. It’s much more economical than sodding and because Hydroseeded soil holds moisture more effectively, germination happens quickly. It’s also ideal for tough to reach areas like slopes or smaller, challenging spaces. For an added plus, while your new lawn is growing, Hydroseeding leaves behind an attractive green appearance.


We also continue to offer our Core Aeration Services in the Spring and Fall. Aeration helps reduce soil compaction and promote growth by improving the soil’s ability for air and water to reach your lawn’s roots. Aeration is also very beneficial when combined with overseeding.

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