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KNK Lawn Care Programs

All KNK Lawn Care services are people & pet friendly with no offensive odor and no pesticide warning sign required .

The 5-step health turf programs offers the a perfect combination of treaments to ensure your lawn is heathy and beautiful. Treatments for grubs and chinchbugs can be added to the 5-step program to create a complete lawn care program that defends against our areas most common LAWN PESTS.

5-Step Healthy Turf Weed & Feed Program

  1.  Spring: 100% slow-release dry fertilizer
  2.  Late Spring: Broadleaf weed control
  3.  Summer: 100% slow-release dry fertilizer
  4.  Late Summer: Broadleaf weed control
  5.  Fall: 100% slow-release winterizing dry fertilizer

6-Step Healthy Turf Weed, Feed, & Grub Program

  1.  Spring: 100% slow-release dry fertilizer
  2.  Late Spring: Broadleaf weed control
  3.  Summer: 100% slow-release dry fertilizer
  4.  Late Summer: Broadleaf weed control
  5.  Fall: 100% slow-release winterizing dry fertilizer
  6.  White Grub Control


The first step towards a healthy lawn is giving it the essential nutrients it needs. Proper fertilization will help your lawn fight off pests and weed infestations. KNK Lawn Care utilizes 100% slow released fertilizer which results in a steady stream of nutrients being delivered to your lawn throughout the growing season.

Weed Control

KNK Lawn Care uses people and pet friendly products that are registered with Health Canada. Our weed treatment isn’t just safe, it is very effective! Now your lawn can be even greener with our broad leaf weed control treatments.

White Grubs Treatment

Grubs live in the soil and feed off the roots of the grass. This root damage will kill areas of your lawn and cause grass to tear up easily. To add to this damage, birds and raccoons dig up the lawn to eat the grubs, leaving holes all over your lawn. KNK Lawn Care has grub treatments available to save your lawn from grub damage.

Chinch Bug Treatment

This small insect causes damage to your lawn by sucking the juices out of the blade of grass. The damage can look like a yellow dry patch in your lawn but watering will not solve the problem. KNK Lawn Care can verify a chinch bug infestation in your lawn. Our chinch bug treatment is very effective at stopping the devastating damage caused by this pest. When combined with your program selection, this nutrient-based treatment will promote a healthier lawn that is less vulnerable to damage from chinchbugs and other surface feeding insects.


Mechanical Slit Seeding

Have a patchy or thinning lawn? Consider our new Mechanical Slit Seeding- putting the seeds directly into the soil for faster, more effective germination. We recommend this service in the Spring or Fall. Thicken your grass, reduce the emergence of weeds and crabgrass to get an overall healthier, better looking lawn!



Need to replace your entire lawn? Whether it’s landscaping work, a new home build or whatever the reason, KNK now offers top quality Hydroseeding. It’s much more economical than sodding and because Hydroseeded soil holds moisture more effectively, germination happens quickly. It’s also ideal for tough to reach areas like slopes or smaller, challenging spaces. For an added plus, while your new lawn is growing, Hydroseeding leaves behind an attractive green appearance.


Core Aeration

We also continue to offer our Core Aeration Services in the Spring and Fall. Aeration helps reduce soil compaction and promote growth by improving the soil’s ability for air and water to reach your lawn’s roots. Aeration is also very beneficial when combined with overseeding.

Nature and other factors can take a toll on your lawn. Let KNK Lawn Care help bring your lawn back to beautiful! We want to make your yard the green envy of the neighbourhood!

Ask for more details on any of our services and inquire about custom pricing today!

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KNK Lawn Care has proudly served Bruce County and surrounding area for over 35 years. The company offers lawn care programs including fertilizer, weed control, grub and chinchbug services (all of which are people and pet friendly). KNK Lawn Care has 4 service trucks and 8 dedicated and hardworking employees in addition to the owners and offer services to well over 2000 clients in the region!

KNK Lawn Care offers exceptional service. The owners go above and beyond the call of duty and always attend as quickly as possible to client questions and concerns.  By far, KNK Lawn Care produces the best looking lawns in the region. The employees put in long days servicing lawns and pay special attention to details at each property.

This business encourages local shopping and supports the community. KNK Lawn Care knows how important small businesses are in Saugeen Shores and how they need our support. We work closely with many other companies and are often found referring clients to other local businesses. Where would our community be without all the local hardworking companies?

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