Spring fertilization is the key ingredient to a healthy, green lawn. To reap the benefits of fertilization, it’s important the application is completed correctly.

First and foremost, you have to remember that some fertilizers aren’t as effective in the springtime. When your lawn is hardened by the cold temperatures and still drying, you may not get the full benefits of fertilizing in the spring. 

Using the right spring fertilizer will ensure that the application not only affects the top layer of soil, but that it also aids in root development and provides nutrients for a strong, healthy lawn.  

Applying fertilizer sometime in April or early May usually provides lawns with the most benefits.


What’s In Your Fertilizer?

Knowing the kind of fertilizer to use is important as well. A lot of fertilizers have a combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. 

Nitrogen is very important and is the most essential nutrient responsible for the lush, green colour. Phosphorus aids in root development which is important when establishing a new lawn. Potassium is necessary for maintaining plant hardiness.

Our fertilizer applications are granular and 100% slow release. The fertilizer will remain on your lawn and in your soil until it rains or is watered in.


Why You Need To Fertilize In Spring

Fertilizing in the spring prepares your lawn for the rest of the growing season. It also targets areas of your lawn that have been affected by the harsh winter climate. 

Winter kill and snow mold disease are some of the most common issues to address. When you apply spring fertilizer early on, you will achieve a greener, more vibrant lawn. It will also encourage growth and enhance the uptake of nutrients.

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