Identifying broadleaf weeds is an easy task because they have very distinct features that make them noticeable. These weeds have leaves that bear no resemblance to grass, but can quickly kill your grass if not treated due to their touch and aggressive nature. Here’s a quick 3-step guide to identifying and preventing them: 


Step 1: Check the Leaf Shape

Make sure you inspect the broadleaf weeds in your lawn and compare the leaf’s shape to images of broadleaf weeds on the internet. Take note of the edges of the leaf blade to see if they’re serrated, rounded or any other shape.


Step 2: Note the Features of the Plant

Each broadleaf plant’s structure has distinguishing characteristics, ranging from the weed’s growth patterns and habits to the way its leaves are arranged. Use these features to get a better grip on the type of weeds growing in your backyard.


Step 3: Preventing Future Growth 

The best defense against weeds is a thick, healthy lawn that’s properly cared for and able to stop weeds from establishing. If your lawn has many weeds, the first step is weed control. At KNK Lawn Care, we use people and pet friendly products that are registered with Health Canada. Our weed treatment isn’t just safe, it’s very effective!


The Best Solution for your Lawn

At KNK Lawn Care, we provide customers with a 5-Step Lawn Care Program that includes fertilizer and broadleaf weed control applications to ensure your lawn is healthy and strong. 


One of the massive benefits of our Lawn Care programs, is our licensed and trained technicians will be on your property almost every month throughout the season. This gives them the ability to perform an assessment on your property and provide recommendations as needed.

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