A lawn that is well taken care of is something to behold. It raises your property value, helps the environment and ensures healthy, steady growth throughout the season. However to achieve a beautiful lawn, it requires an ongoing commitment that most don’t have the time for. At KNK, our 5-step healthy turf program has you covered.

One of the main benefits of signing up is our licensed and trained technicians will be on your property almost every month throughout the season. This gives us the ability to perform an assessment and provide a recommendation if needed.

At KNK, our 5-Step Healthy Turf Program offers a great combination of treatments to ensure your lawn is happy and healthy! The steps are:


Step 1 (Spring): Apply slow-release dry fertilizer

The first step is giving your lawn the essential nutrients it needs to grow. Proper fertilization will ensure that your lawn can fight off pests and weed infestations. Our 100% slow release fertilizer, specifically designed for our area, encourages a steady stream of nutrients to be delivered to your lawn throughout the growing season.


Step 2 (Late Spring): Broadleaf weed control

Taking care of weeds in the spring will reduce the need for maintenance during the summer and fall months. We use people and pet friendly products that are registered with Health Canada. Our weed treatment program isn’t just safe but it is also very effective! Your lawn can now be even greener with our broadleaf weed control treatments.


Step 3 (Summer): Apply slow-release dry fertilizer

It is good practice to fertilize your lawn every 6-8 weeks because when it grows and gets cut, the nutrients in the soil get absorbed and need to be topped up.


Step 4 (Late Summer): Broadleaf weed control

Repeating this process later in the summer ensures that the weeds don’t grow back.


Step 5 (Fall): Apply slow-release winterizing dry fertilizer

Is a winterizer necessary for your lawn? The answer is yes. Most lawn care experts recommend that using winterizing fertilizer is the most important step. Winterizer helps the roots of the grass to absorb and keep nutrients. The roots will grow until the ground eventually gets frozen. The stored nutrients give your lawn a head start to grow when spring arrives.


Additional Lawn Care

Grub and chinch bug treatments can be added to the 5-step program to give you a complete lawn care program that protects against the most common lawn pests.

At KNK, we are committed to making beautiful lawns. Get a free quote today!