Want to drastically improve the overall health of your lawn? Do you have patchy, thinning areas? Crabgrass? Pest damage? Many don’t realize that overseeding and core aeration of your lawn every year is one of the best ways to keep it as thick and healthy as it can be. A thick, healthy lawn helps prevent pest damage, weed intrusion and disease.


What is Core Aeration & Overseeding

aeration and overseeding machine at work

Core aeration is a process whereby a lawn aerator machine with hollow tines mechanically removes plugs/cores of soil and thatch from a lawn which loosens the soil compaction. This opens up the soil and allows the plugs to loosely dissolve back into the ground with rain and watering. This enables the turf to breathe and obtain access to what it needs: water, fertilizer and seed. It also provides more room for the roots to grow deeper and stronger. The stronger the roots, the better the turf can handle the stress of heat and cold. Beyond the grass, the soil itself becomes healthier because it has better access to nutrients.

Overseeding is the process of adding grass seed into an existing lawn. If you overseed your lawn immediately after aerating, the new seed gets direct seed-to-soil contact. It is an easy way to improve the density of the turf, establish improved grass varieties, enhance grass colour and help protect against weed and pest issues.


When to Aerate & Overseed

Early Fall is one of the best times to overseed your lawn and aerate it. During the fall, the soil is still warm, the air is cooler, and most often it offers more natural watering (rain) and not as many weeds – so the new seed has less to compete against. It also allows you to fill in areas of the turf that have been damaged by summer stress, diseases or lawn damaging insects.


The Recipe to Success

Aeration and overseeding, combined with our custom KNK blend of fall fertilizer, is the recipe to success for a healthier and thicker lawn! Our custom premium KNK seed blend will help fix minor problems before they become big issues requiring expensive interventions. 

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