Why Your Lawn Needs Core Aeration & Overseeding


Want to drastically improve the overall health of your lawn? Do you have patchy, thinning areas? Crabgrass? Pest damage? Many don’t realize that overseeding and core aeration of your lawn every year is one of the best ways to keep it as thick and healthy as it can be. A thick, healthy lawn helps prevent […]

Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Lawn in Dry Weather


It has been an extremely dry spring!! If you haven’t been watering your lawn as recommended, it will be stressed and other issues will arise. Here are some lawn maintenance tips.   Water Your Lawn Especially during dry periods, watering your lawn is extremely important and can’t be stressed enough! When a lawn dries out […]

Broadleaf Weed Control: How To Identify Weeds & What To Do Next


Identifying broadleaf weeds is an easy task because they have very distinct features that make them noticeable. These weeds have leaves that bear no resemblance to grass, but can quickly kill your grass if not treated due to their touch and aggressive nature. Here’s a quick 3-step guide to identifying and preventing them:    Step […]

How To Improve & Maintain Your Lawn With Our 5-Step Lawn Care Program


A lawn that is well taken care of is something to behold. It raises your property value, helps the environment and ensures healthy, steady growth throughout the season. However to achieve a beautiful lawn, it requires an ongoing commitment that most don’t have the time for. At KNK, our 5-step healthy turf program has you […]

Benefits of Spring Fertilization


Spring fertilization is the key ingredient to a healthy, green lawn. To reap the benefits of fertilization, it’s important the application is completed correctly. First and foremost, you have to remember that some fertilizers aren’t as effective in the springtime. When your lawn is hardened by the cold temperatures and still drying, you may not […]

Benefits of Aeration


Aeration is the process of air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere around it. During this process, small plugs of thatch and soil are removed from the lawn to improve natural soil aeration. The common name for this is “core aeration”. These holes in the soil alleviate compaction so air, water and nutrients can reach grass roots to grow healthier grass.